What animals call Prospect Park "Home Sweet Home?

Prospect Park is home to an assortment of amazing species- many birds, mammals, insects,
even reptiles and amphibians! From chipmunks to raccoons, opossums to bats and waterfowl to
bullfrogs, Prospect Park is home-sweet-home.

Prospect Park – Birder’s Paradise!
Prospect Park is located on the Atlantic Flyway and serves as a key rest stop for many
species of migrant birds and insects.
Over 200 species of birds can be found seasonally in this birder's paradise!

Brooklyn Bird Club:

What is the Atlantic Flyway? It is a bird migration route that generally follows the Atlantic
Coast of North America and the Appalachian Mountains
The United States has four main migratory flyways:
Pacific Flyway – Along the Pacific coast, west of the Rocky Mountains
Central Flyway – Over the Great Plains, east of the Rocky Mountains
Mississippi Flyway – Along the Mississippi River.
Atlantic Flyway – Along the Atlantic coast.
You could say Prospect Park is a 7-11 for birds, if you will! Or perhaps you can think of it as a highway rest stop. (Imagine if you rode for thousands of miles without having a place to rest and find food?) WOW!
Green spaces like Prospect Park are crucial to the survival of many species many of whom live here permanently and many that are just “passing through”.