Our Goals

We are a new community group, in partnership with the Prospect Park Alliance that will advocate for the well-being of the wildlife of Prospect Park, specifically at the lakeside. We believe that by helping to create a safe haven for the wildlife, it will become a safer environment for its human visitors as well.

Our goal is to be a continued visible presence within the park, educating visitors about the wildlife and scanning and clearing the lakeside area of trash, particularly illegal barbed hooks, fishing line and other discarded items that can be a threat to our wildlife- By doing so we are also helping to protect visitors to the park, especially children and our beloved canine friends.

We are working in tandem with the Prospect Park Volunteer Corps as well as the Audubon Center who will conduct training sessions on wildlife education and general park rules and regulations for all who are interested in joining us. Our fun, monthly events will convene at the Audubon Center and continue along the perimeter of the lake.

We will be looking to expand our membership and get the community involved, adults and kids alike. 

Help spread the word to the community about W.I.L.D.!