Litter affects wildlife

Prospect Park is home to a great deal of discarded plastic items which can cause problems for wildlife.  Waterfowl, turtles and fish get caught in bottles and 6-pack rings, have swallowed bottle caps, get trapped in discarded fabrics, and have nibbled on corn cobs and chicken bones (which even dogs often choke on).

On one of WILD's outreach events, we found a fish that was trapped in a plastic bag along the cobblestone perimeter of the lake. This was one lucky fish. It was alive and we were able to place it back into the lake.

During WILD's monthly Lakeside Outreach and Education events, we give attention to garbage in and around the lake that could cause serious harm to the waterfowl, and we speak to people who are picnicking and offer garbage bags. On each outing we generally fill at least 10 large garbage bags, and often feel that we  haven't scratched the surface of  the amount of litter. We need your help!