Barb vs Barbless Hooks

Barbless Hooks: Reduce injury and handling time, increasing survival.

Barbed Hooks: Cause severe injuries to fish therefore they cannot be returned safely to the water. The hooks are designed to pierce fish flesh, and they’ll do just as well with the human kind.

ARTICLE - Abandoned fish hooks 'could kill' warns pet owner

A woman has warned of the dangers of abandoned fishing equipment after her puppy swallowed two hooks.  Deefa, a 10-week-old border collie, was rushed to a specialist vet in Cambridgeshire after chewing fishing line left on a Norfolk beach. The barbed hooks, which were embedded in the dog's oesophagus, were removed and he "suffered no ill-effects".

However, owner Debbie Heuer warned people to be aware of the danger when using beaches. Vet Jon Wray, from Dick White Referrals, who operated on the puppy said: "This was a potentially life-threatening situation." He added that Deefa's prognosis was improved by the actions of Ms Heuer's local vet, who had left the line intact and fitted a protective collar to the puppy before contacting the specialist service near Cambridge.

Ms Heuer said: "I know most anglers are very responsible... but everybody who uses the beaches needs to consider the consequences of their actions."

"I keep thinking about the possibility that it could happen to other dogs on the beach, or even worse, to a child." The Environment Agency website advises anglers to remove all litter and equipment before leaving a site. It adds: "Discarded nylon line is really dangerous for birds and animals."