Barbequing affects wildlife

Prospect Park's designated BBQ Areas
For the health and safety of the wildlife, it is critical that you do not barbecue under the trees
or along the lakeside where the charcoals are often dumped and harmful chemicals can find their
 their way into the water. Please do not barbecue in areas besides the designated locations, where there are proper coal receptacles

There are times when visitors to the park may barbeque in areas that are "off limits" such as under trees and at the lakeside.  Frequently, coals are left behind in tree basins or along the perimeter of the lake. If you grill in the park, PLEASE dispose of your coal properly, either in the designated receptacles, or use aluminum foil to discard used coals.

Coal damage is highly destructive and causes trees to rot and die.   Additionally, rainwater acts as a conduit to carry these dangerous chemicals and toxins into watercourse, affecting all birds, fish, other wildlife, as well as dogs who may venture into the water.

Please see Prospect Park's Established "Rules and Regulations" concerning barbequing in the link provided below.
Prospect Park's Established Rules and Regulations