Why we are WILD

Wildlife Interests, Learning and Development (WILD) for Prospect Park is a group of community members committed to ensuring that Prospect Park is safe and healthy for all animals and plants that call the park's incredible ecosystem home.

WILD seeks ways to address and remedy hazards to flora and fauna, and identify solutions towards an improved environment.

WILD aims to promote compliance with Prospect Park's established rules and regulations through education and awareness by helping visitors learn to appreciate and respect urban wildlife and foster empathy for all beings with whom we share this multi-purpose park space.

As the shared interests of the park continue to increase, the greater the possibility of human/wildlife conflict. By using reasonable and rational approaches to problem solving as well as education we, aim to help people become more responsible for their actions and help them learn to connect with and respect the wildlife that share this multi-purpose park.

What we do: 
Education : addressing the three biggest threats : Fishing, Feeding, and Litter 
WILD members focus on educating the visitors to Prospect Park's Lakeside about ways they can help the wildlife: to clean up their trash when they leave, to be aware of the park's fishing rules, and not to feed the waterfowl human food (because it can be bad for their health). We also look for trash items that could be particularly dangerous to the park's wildlife, such as plastic litter, fishing lines (which get wrapped around the birds), etc.

W.I.L.D. Logo designed by Robert Barto nycrobertbarto@gmail.com